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“A great employee is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have!”

Vebudo Group was built from the support of remote employees. At vebudo Pros we understand the difficulty a company may come across finding trustworthy and dedicated employees. We further understand the scope of talent we are able to discover from being to hire from any point in the world. Thus we are a team of a detail-oriented enthusiastic team who strive to screen through thousands of employee profiles to deliver the perfect employee that can assist you to success.

Vebudo Reach
The Difference

Employees who are most engaged are the one whom work remotely.

A remote employee is engaged on work related matters more than 80% in their clocked in time. Whereas, the average employee wastes 50%-80% of their time being distracted by non-work related issues. Time not efficiently used is finances being wasted. This could be prevented by simply changing the way you assign your tasks.

Traditional Employee
Virtual Employee

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Our employee give attention to each project they take on. Using personalized approached without using off the shelf procedures. Our management team is always an email or a phone call away.

Sam Hastings

“She has been a huge asset to the growth of our business and outperforms are expectations each time”

Sam Hastings

Theresa Jones

“I have had an amazing experience with the team I hired. The results were delivered much faster than I anticipated it to be and very reliable individuals”

Theresa Jones

CEO & Co-founder
John Smith

“They tackle every challenge with an open mind and can do positive attitude. Their work help me save a lot of money that would have been wasted on in-house employees.”

John Smith

CEO & Co-founder

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How It Works

How Vebudo Reach Works

Remote workers are revolutionizing the commercial world and it is vital to make your hire in the interest of your company. We ensure to bring you the perfect candidate for your company and help you grow as a business to your full potential.

1. Brief us
Give us an insight into what you’re looking for in an employee and the job requirements/ qualifications the employee must be competent in.

2. Choose the best-fit from the top 5 candidates
After a thorough process of screening and interviewing with potential candidates, we present our top five picks that will best suit you and your company for selection.

3. Gain security
Once you have selected your ideal candidate, legal documentation will commence protecting both you and the employee for maximum safety and satisfaction.

4. kick start the journey
With the legal documents in place, you can straight away start off your journey with our virtual employee.

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