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Vebudo one of the leading brands in the world with globally being connected to 100 of partners. Vebudo Group has expanded itself in various industries such as Aviation, Digital marketing, Luxury Tourism, Jet and yacht chartering services. From the very beginning, Vebudo group was built with the employment of Remote workers. Not only were we fortunate to acquire experienced, talented experts in the field but also understand the scope of talent that’s out in the world that we may not be able to hire locally.

Vebudo Reach was initiated for the purpose of helping clients to get the highly experienced, trustworthy remote employees to help you in your journey. By hiring your employees remotely it is not only a financially efficient manner to expand your company but it also provides the company with an opportunity to work with the best out of the best from the global talent pool. We are aware of the difficulties one may face when it comes to hiring virtual employees and we ourselves have faced that difficulty in our initial stages of this process. Thus making it our priority to make this process one with ease for our clients so they are able to work with talented individuals that will help them grow their businesses into empires.

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The Difference

Employees who are most engaged are the one whom work remotely.

A remote employee is engaged on work related matters more than 80% in their clocked in time. Whereas, the average employee wastes 50%-80% of their time being distracted by non-work related issues. Time not efficiently used is finances being wasted. This could be prevented by simply changing the way you assign your tasks.

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