How It Works

How the virtual employee function

Experienced virtual assistance and Quality services

After selecting the perfect virtual employee best suited to your company. The individual will be legally contracted to you with maximum legal protection for both parties. Your virtual employee can be hired both part-time and full-time as beneficial for you. Ranging from talented individuals, virtual teams, to freshers you have the fine choice of selecting the perfect employee.

Although we have a fantastic filtering interview process, designed to ensure the most accurate applicants are left for final selections, we know sometimes it’s hard to know if you have selected the absolute best.
This is why we take liberty in offering a one-week free trial period.

How It Works

How Vebudo Reach Works

Remote workers are revolutionizing the commercial world and it is vital to make your hire in the interest of your company. We ensure to bring you the perfect candidate for your company and help you grow as a business to your full potential.

1. Brief us
Give us an insight into what you’re looking for in an employee and the job requirements/ qualifications the employee must be competent in.

2. Choose the best-fit from the top 5 candidates
After a thorough process of screening and interviewing with potential candidates, we present our top five picks that will best suit you and your company for selection.

3. Gain security
Once you have selected your ideal candidate, legal documentation will commence protecting both you and the employee for maximum safety and satisfaction.

4. kick start the journey
With the legal documents in place, you can straight away start off your journey with our virtual employee.

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