AR & VR Developers

These technologies are progressing much faster than the world expected, get your hands on it before you miss your big shot

Your company might have taken the next big step to incorporate the art of AR&VR to your business. Using these intricate technologies to build powerful ways for people to experience the world, the business, and to easily connect with others. If you are committed to ensuring innovations that users will fonder and continue to enjoy through the state of the are AR and VR experiences, you must up your game. As wonderful as the idea is to incorporate AR and VR into your business, finding the perfect staff to maintain, create, and develop these devices may not be that that easy. Especially when it comes with a hefty salary range.

By hiring our strategic remote designers, advanced software developers, and sophisticated engineers to your business you will be one step closer to your goals. Bring forth your complex challenges and over the edge visions without fear, as our employees are fully equipped and experienced to handle them with care. Vebudo Reach bring you incredible global talents, deep collaboration, and fresh diverse perspectives to build your creations for growth. Reduce the burden of the massive expense you would likely face if you were to hire in-house staff. Instead, gain access to the global talent pool and handpick the best candidate suitable for your business.

Why incorporate AR & VR to your business?

The customized content is tailored to the specific needs of the customer

AR and VR allow readers to really link to the published content

Brand awareness grows through social shares

VR and AR make the user experience vibrant, immersive and interactive

Virtual and augmented reality will reduce the language barrier

AR and VR help in consumer purchase decisions

Best industries to incoperate AR & VR tecnologies


What type of professional are you looking for?

Virtual Reality Research Engineer

These dedicated employees will conduct all the necessary research related to the VR/AR of the company, inside out. With this deep understanding, your company has the ability to explore and improve the VR technology and platform in various beneficial ways.

AR/VR Programmer

Having a programmer who deals with programming or coding to develop the applications or software for the VR/AR is extremely crucial. Some of the popular programming languages and tools they use are Unity 3D, OpenGL, DirectX, C/C++, VRML and many more.

Interaction Designer

If you want the best user experience for your clients, then you need to ensure you have the best interaction designer. They will take priority in designing the UI(user interface) and UX (user experience) of the virtual reality solution.

Project Manager/Director

When your business is growing, sometimes it can get overwhelming to keep track of all the tasks happening around the business. This is why hiring a project manager is important. You will need someone who oversees the overall progress of the virtual reality projects to ensure it is delivered according to the expected timeframe.

3D Modeler

The task is to create the required 3D objects and characters in the virtual environment. Our 3D molders are fantastic at using apps and resources like 3DS Max, Maya, Renderman, Blender, Lightwave etc...to create life-like characters and objects.

VR/AR Consultants

It’s always better to know what you are getting into, before starting any projects. Hire a professional who knows everything about AR/VR to get the perfect guidance over your business. Minimizing the risk and increasing the potential benefits.

System Analyst

These individuals perform brain-crunching thinking in order to design the whole end-to-end solution for virtual reality projects or initiatives. They also take responsibility for translating and documenting all the user requirements and solution designs through the preparation of slides or presentations.

Software Engineer

The software engineers must be able to understand and master the VR system application process and the technical programming process. We might tell that VR's ' soul and mind ' involves a lot of that.

Researcher or Scientist

If you are interested in the search for the perfect opportunity to incorporate AR/VR into your business yet can’t seem to find one, then hiring an AR/VR researcher or scientist may be the ideal solution. With a low budget, you can have your own personal researcher, tracking trends, opportunities, and new innovations, for your company to pursue.

Hardware Engineer

It can be a variety of engineering styles including software engineer, system engineer, hardware engineer and many more. Hardware engineers. have sound knowledge in the technical aspect of a head-mounted display (HMD), haptics technology, force, and tactile feedback systems and much more

AR/VR Services you might have in mind

  • VR App Development
  • Oculus Rift
  • Computer Vision
  • VR Design
  • Google VR
  • Unity Support
  • Immersive Design
  • Real-World Sensors
  • Haptic Interaction
  • Concept development

Why Vebudo ?

We understand just how exhausting searching for new workforce can be. From ad placements to phonecalls to, interview after interview, the process can get displeasing. We take this burden off your shoulders by providing you with the perfect candidate from the global talent pool. Join hands with us, and watch as we match the employee according to every single one of your requirement cutting down your expenses and time by half. Our work goes beyond irresponsible freelancers. With contract base remote employment, only the screen distance separates our employees from your in-house staff. Let us help you, Contact us now and receive a free 1-week trial