Data Entry

Speed and flawless accuracy are the minimum benchmarks for our data entry staff

Have our experts take the data workload off your shoulders

Companies have developed to a stage where they tend to rely on, very strongly on effective data management, to make strategic decisions. For this, it is important for an organization to have precise and accurate data. Companies must have that information in all their operations, whether economical, selling, or production when deciding the final outcome. Yet data can be one of the non-core and most crucial aspects of a business that gets neglected due to how uninteresting and costly it can get. we understand the importance of data management regardless of how tiresome it can be for your company.

Turn your complex data into meaningful statistics

Through Vebudo Reach you have the capability of getting this task done with minimum efforts in a financially efficient manner. Our data entry staff are specifically skilled in ensuring all your data is recorded at high speed flawlessly. We fully grasp the importance of data in an organization and therefore make sure there is no mistake whatsoever in our work; because even a small error will trigger the business to confusion. With the help of our expert remote staff, this will no longer be a task you set aside and ignore.

We recognize the variety of data you might have depending on your industry of work. From healthcare, insurance, legal firms to all other businesses your scope of data will differ. Vebudo Reach facilities are secure, quick and reliable, with qualified and experienced professionals. We are experienced at handling work in multiple industries and can support different industries with varying complex problems.Our quality controlling staff will take extra precaution in assuring several quality checks that are carried out to ensure that all data entry projects meet the desired quality standards of the customer and have an impactful accuracy level. Our work will never meet you halfway.

Why online data entry can be important to you

Perfect arrangement of data that has a significant role in your business.

Data keyed in the PC will be well protected

Decreases infrastructure expenses of storing files

Employee efficiency due to the availability of all the information

Unnecessary expenses such as printouts saved

Enhancing the efficiency of the business.

Services you can request through our data entry specialists

Data entry

  • Online & Offline data entry
  • PDF to EXCEL data entry
  • Image data entry
  • Legal data entry
  • Manual data entry
  • Copy-paste data entry
  • Document data entry
  • Application forms data entry

Data processing

  • Invoice and billing data
  • Insurance claim processing
  • Order entry and processing
  • Purchase order management
  • Transaction data processing
  • Record indexing
  • Mailing list compilation
  • Word processing and formating

Data convertion

  • Data file convertion-XML
  • HTML convertions
  • PDF converion
  • Excel convertion image to doc convertion
  • Forms processing and entry
  • Catalogue convertion
  • SGML convertion
  • E-book convertion

Data cleansing

  • Data cleansing
  • Data enrichment

Database management

  • Database development and migration
  • CRM database management

Data mining

  • Data mining
  • Database and address validation

Web research

  • Data research
  • Market and legal research
  • Product and services research
  • Email, name and address research
  • Linkedin data research

Forms processing

  • Market research and processing
  • Product research and forms
  • Credit card form processing
  • Legal procedure research
  • Mortgage form processing

Scanning and OCR

  • Data extraction
  • OCR clean up
  • Data capture
  • Document management system
  • Document indexing services.

Why Vebudo ?

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