Email Marketing Expert

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches– at scale.”
– David Newman

In this age of social media, Email marketing is one of the biggest and most effective digital marketing strategies for consumer retention. With more than 90% of users communicating through emails this by far the most productive method to connect with your consumers and increase sale opportunities. The main objective of email marketing is to establish positive customer relationships and promote the brand via customized emails to potential customers. This, in turn, helps gain their trust and loyalty towards the business whilst promoting brand awareness by sending business invites promotions, etc via mail.

Hire the Best Email Marketing Specialist

Email is the currency of the web. With social media revolutionizing and changing the face online marketing some entrepreneurs may have the impression that Email marketing isn’t productive as social media platforms outreach. However, despite the evolution Email marketing continues to be a core component in a company. As this helps cultivate relationships with target consumers and keep current clients informed and updated it is, therefore, important to have an Email marketing specialist to assist you in the process.

Given the high importance of having a strong email marketing strategy, it is one of the best options to hire a virtual specialist that will solely focus on schemes to deliver an outstanding outcome and gain more customers and build secure relationships with them and earning their trust and confidence from the process. With having an exhaustive number of things to look over in the business this marketing strategy might take the backseat and this will not help you nor your company. An Email Marketing specialist bares in-depth knowledge of the technical landscape of emails, techniques of driving website traffic, securing conversions and building and maintaining relationships with customers. With all these aspects in mind, they will produce strong marketing strategies whilst working with email automation software, sending email blasts, newsletters, etc. Email marketing specialists also focus on creating an email list, building an email list, and nurturing leads that may be of assistance to the growth of the company. Thus, having a separate entity focused on such a fundamental area will enhance and optimize the growth of your business.

Responsibilities of an email marketing specialist

  • Creation and monitoring various marketing campaigns
  • Optimizing the designs and layouts of emails
  • Ensure emails are user and mobile friendly
  • Following up on emails
  • Creation of Digital ads
  • Compiling and purging of email lists
  • Analyzing gathered campaign results

Email Marketing Tools

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