Our screening process allows candidates to face three primary interviews before the file is handed over to you for final selection. We believe only the absolute best should be presented for selection thus saving both you and the applicants time. The applicant will face these interviews to determine if they match your requirements to fill the vacancy. They will be evaluated in three main aspects essentially.

1st interview- Job requirements and qualifications

We make sure each of your specified qualifications is met by the final candidates. It’s important to have the perfect match rather than someone who comes close to it. We focus thoroughly on this interview to make your selection process easier.

2nd interview- to asset the personality

Remote working is not for everybody, and we understand this. Through our personality assessment, we make sure your applicants are capable of handling the workload and working remotely with ease.

3rd interview- to evaluate the atmosphere

It’s important to have a good working atmosphere regardless of where the applicants live. We select the candidates according to your employment requirements whether it’s remote working in an office or at home and ensure the working environment is professional and comfortable.