Graphic Designer

A good design is obvious, a great design is transparent

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. The word design can be interpreted very broadly in the tech world. And it is an industry that continues to evolve around its use of mediums, trends, and technology. Therefore it is vital that you have a good designer to help make your vision transform into a visual spectacle. Designers are individuals who focus on designing structures, formats, and appearances of websites. Generally, it is important to hire a person who has a keen eye on creativity and who sees design from a different perspective in graphics, interfaces, themes, templates, etc than laymen.

The design has never been more essential to the success of digital platforms. With the digital revolution taking a stand the sophistication of devices and designs gets more complex. Based on each designer’s specialization the field may vary. This makes it a challenge for companies to navigate the type of designer they require designing their digital landscape. But you need not worry anymore as Vebudo will assist you in hiring the exact designer for the task.

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Smooth collaborations

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Meteoric Deliveries

Globally accessibility to talent

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Web Designer

The outlook of your website is the first interaction you make with your potential consumers. It is an instant reflection of your company. It is not the only key to have an effective marketing strategy but also eminent to have great website design as it the centre of your online presence. It needs to have that “WOW” factor to pique the interest of your audience.

Web designers craft a design that resonates with the face of your brand. Websites are constantly on the verge of becoming more authentic and interactive. Designers customize designs with an insight-driven approach to produce a remarkable outcome for your website. Thus, creating a website with the perfect blend of user interactions, device compatibility to help increase the engagements, performance, and conversions. These handcrafted high-fidelity mock-ups which are personally built from scratch for your brand will be used by developers for implementation.

Web designers create


Landing pages

Micro sites

Web pages

Blog templates and themes

Graphic Designer

Design is portraying a deep understanding of a brand’s beliefs and culture into a visual aspect. It is art with a purpose. To give your brand prominent visibility we infuse personality by blending creativity with intelligent positioning. It is the combination of visual communication and the aesthetic expression of concepts and ideas using various elements and tools. It is important to have creative illustrations so you are able to maximize your brand value and transform it into a household name.

Graphic designers use this visual communication method with leveraging images and other elements to convey the brand message to the audience with ease. The connect visual integrates multi-disciplinary design expertise with business objectives to deliver transcending results to their clients. With the application of visual hierarchy and page layout methods, designers use typography and images to meet users’ precise needs and focus on displaying elements in interactive designs to optimize the user experience. It takes both creativity and experience in the field to produce exciting designs. Therefore by hiring an expert, you are able to receive an outstanding design that will help your business increase its visibility rather than receiving a seldom design.

Graphic designers create:

Visual Identify- logos, letterhead, business cards

Marketing materials: brochures, Flyers, postcards, posters

Magazines & catalogs

Product packaging


UI/UX Designer

A beautiful website means nothing if does not provide a seamless experience to your audience. If the website is not user-friendly you may lose more customers than you gain which means that your business may collapse. Therefore it is fundamental to create a website that can be browsed with ease and no complications.

Our designers take a holistic design approach and design interfaces that users are able to effortlessly transact which will help to increase the growth of the business by increasing the number of conversions. Most of a user’s “experience” of a digital platform is provided through its interfaces. Frequently you get hybrid UX/UI designers who comprise the skills to implement the visual aspects of the user experiences they conceptualize. A UI designer creates interfaces for mobile applications and other software programs. The user interface is the way a user interacts with the features and functions of a certain application. UI designer defines how users interact with graphics and digital designs. However UX designer is dealing with the management of user experience by improving the design and usability of the interaction between the user and the product.

UX/UI designers deal with:

Mobile Apps Design

User Experience Design

User interface Design

Web design

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