IT Outsourcing

Do what you do best within your organization, outsource the rest to us

IT is one of the main pillars that hold up a business in the modern world. But managing every aspect of IT can get overwhelming if not managed adequately. It’s why we ask you these questions. Does your IT-platform hold you back? Is IT struggling to keep up with your corporate growth? Does your IT team spend too much time managing day-to-day IT, and not enough time returning the business to strategic value? If you can’t answer NO to these questions with confidence, then we have the solution for you. IT outsourcing is the most productive way to get back on track. Here at Vebudo Reach, we provide the Perfect IT team or individual to manage some or all of the IT functions a business requires, including infrastructure management, strategy management, and service desk management.

Why should you consider IT outsourcing with Vebudopros?

Improve the overall business focus

Addresses issues quickly

Helps maintain budget

Increase your competitiveness

Improve your knowledge pool

Minimize workload

Gives you access to professional experts

Reduce downtime

Provides 24x7 monitoring

Works proactive rather than reactive

Increase efficiency

Bypass lengthy training

IT Outsourcing services we provide

CMS Developer

It is essential for a company to have a content management system for its website, as it can easily manage and deliver content effectively. That means you won’t need to have a separate app just to handle the content of the website. Even without knowledge of HTML, publishing, and updating content makes CMS the perfect choice for companies. Vebudo Reach has extensive experience in delivering quality content management developers that meets business needs. Our CMS developers are well skilled in all the tools that manage your press releases, news, and other content. We have professionals proficient in Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Typo3, and much more.

WordPress Development

WordPress is a strong platform for semantic publishing. It comes with a wondrous set of features designed to make your experience as smooth and appealing as possible as an Internet developer. Vebudo Reach developers are proud to offer you a freely-allocated, requirement-compliant, fast, light and free content material management machine, and an incredibly customizable center.

MODX Development

MODX, an open-source CMS software designed for companies of all sizes, and has been accepted and used by millions around the world. These can be used on both; own servers and cloud hosting platforms. Many organizations have created, updated and maintained their websites with the help of MODX, which blister quickly, securely and easily scalable.

Joomla Development

Joomla is a reliable platform for developing custom software, your company-driven web application that promotes internet and intranet-faced web portal at affordable rates, too. It offers over 7000 extensions, unfastened and charged, that are useful to implement any complexity of your Joomla mission.Joomla is also safe enough to secure your information that is saved on your apps and systems.

Drupal Development

Drupal is a recognized Web content management system for open source web content. IT is a flexible and powerful content management system that comes with extraordinary features that can be moulded incredibly to suit your needs. When choosing Drupal as the CMS for your website, With our IT specialists by your side, you choose your road to success for the ultimate growth of your business.

What our CMS developers can do for you

  • Help you find the web hosting right
  • Custom-made modules (plug-ins / extensions)
  • Customize predefined functionality that comes with off-the-shelf CMS.
  • Make sites running CMS SEO friendly
  • Provide multi-linguistic assistance
  • Integrate ready or custom design templates (you supply PSD and we do the HTML code)
  • Maintain architecture with updates and upgrades to versions required.

Software testing

It’s important to evaluate the software application’s functionality in order to determine whether or not the software developed meets the specified requirements and to identify defects to ensure that the product is clear of errors in order to produce a quality product. The lack of your software system can cause your company a tremendous loss. Which is why software testing is such a crucial aspect of the IT cycle. If you are searching for software testing services that are agile, specific and domain-specific we have the solution for you. Our multitalented certified software testing professionals can offer you the best cost-effective testing method.

Our software testing services

Mobile application testing

  • Automated mobile app testing
  • Exploratory testing for mobiles
  • Mobile app performance testing
  • Manual testing for mobile
  • White-box testing
  • Mobile app reliability testing
  • Mobile app integration testing
  • AD HOC testing
  • Black-box testing

Desktop App testing

  • Windows desktop application testing
  • OS X software application testing
  • Testing for Unix-like platforms

Test automation services

  • Test automation strategy development
  • Test environment setup and configuration
  • Automated test data generation
  • Automated UI testing
  • Performance testing
  • API testing
  • Test scripts migration from other platforms

Web application testing, Cloud and e-commerce testing

  • Automated web application testing
  • Manual web application testing
  • Website quality assurance
  • Web UI/UX testing team

Database Programmer

The database is the core of a software app. Database development services are essential to maintaining and nurturing relationships with prospects and customers by collecting all information pertaining to individuals and organizations onto one platform. Unless properly managed, data across the enterprise can become quite unfavorable. Vebudo Reach database programmers are the answer to your database needs. We provide services in developing and maintaining a diverse set of databases-both traditional (MySQL, Oracle, SQL server) and unconventional (No SQL), which store data related to transactional and social media applications and are used to provide routine transactional processing and data warehousing.

What can our database programmers do for you

  • Software updates as per the changes needed by the user
  • restore inactive customers back into potential customers
  • Establish login credentials
  • Ensure greater data accuracy and performance rates
  • Create an access hierarchy within the organization
  • Check and test backups to ensure easy availability to data
  • Manage multiple software for the secure storage of data.

IT support

Outsourcing your IT gives you entrance to greater expertise without the obstacles of management and human resources associated with new recruitments. It’s also cost-effective, outsourcing with Vebudo Reach optimizes the performance of your system so that your business doesn’t suffer from a lack of IT manpower, skill sets or experience, are Vebudo Reach IT assistants can host and handle the IT infrastructure or its components whether it’s PC or Mac. You pick according to your needs and/or the level of comfort.

Why choose IT support over inhouse staff?

  • Control and manage expenses
  • Room to focus on the core functions of the business
  • Access to state of the art tech
  • Enables you to have IT solutions tailored to your company
  • Help increase your business productivity
  • Delegate workload to ease off on the inhouse staff
  • Access to global IT talents

What our IT Helpers can do for you

  • IT Helpdesk
  • Software helpdesk
  • Technical production support
  • Installation support
  • Online tech
  • Manage IT services
  • Troubleshooting support
  • Technical support

Why Vebudo ?

We understand just how exhausting searching for new workforce can be. From ad placements to phonecalls to, interview after interview, the process can get displeasing. We take this burden off your shoulders by providing you with the perfect candidate from the global talent pool. Join hands with us, and watch as we match the employee according to every single one of your requirement cutting down your expenses and time by half. Our work goes beyond irresponsible freelancers. With contract base remote employment, only the screen distance separates our employees from your in-house staff. Let us help you, Contact us now and receive a free 1-week trial