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Give your App idea a Heartbeat by hiring your dream team of developers whilst you save cash. Build feature-loaded apps within a time frame without having to compromise the quality. So, don’t worry, your project will be in safe hands as our chosen experts will look over each sprint and have 100% transparency with you throughout the full process.

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Your dream deserves a successful implementation. Each company endorses its own fundamental pillars when they do business. For certain companies’, having a mobile app is an essential element for their marketing strategy. We provide developers who create an environment where your vision can take a shape with enterprise-grade app development combined with outstanding designs. With a Virtual employee, reliance will never be compromised and its time-proven methods that will ensure a successful outcome.

This is proven to be a cost-effective and time-efficient manner to have a superior and faster outcome. If you get an in-house team, each area will be divided amongst a group of people with their timelines to deliver the app and develop it. This may cause delays and money. With Virtual employee, you get an all in one package for the price of one. You get the developer, designer, tester for one equivalent pay. Our goal is to deliver the most highly qualified mobile app developers who are striving to serve businesses with robust IT solutions to build amazing products with the right mix of qualities at an affordable cost.

Mobile Development Platforms


IOS is a proprietary mobile operating system developed by Apple which is one out of the world’s two most popular mobile OS. This runs in iPhones, iPads, iPods. Our team of iOS developers can program in native languages such as Swift or Objective-C and can build cross-platform native applications using React Native (JavaScript) or Xamarin. We will build a high-performance inclusive of many features apps for pleasant user experience.


Android apps are software applications running on the Android platform and are known to be one of the fastest-growing operating systems for smartphone devices. We develop reliable, versatile, user-friendly, eminent applications of any category. Our team of Android developers is skilled with native and hybrid programming languages which have given the ability to build apps from a simple vision to complex functionalities for diverse industries.


Windows is an innovative platform. It has an interface that has a customized layout with typography and animations giving it a unique look on various systems. Our experts are well versed with Windows operating systems and can devise applications for Mobile Phones, games, interface design, pocket PC development and porting. These dedicated resources can use a variety of programming tools to create customized mobile applications.

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New app development

If you are new to the mobile app segment we will help bring your idea into reality. We will get an insight into your business and incorporate your vision into the app using the highest most suitable platform for you. The app will be created in a user-centric philosophy, where it will be able to handle with ease and has an attractive outlook to catch the eye of your audience. Our experts will use tools and technologies to give the app cross-platform, native hybrid apps that will rein in finance. The app will go through comprehensive testing to ensure a flawless, bug-free outcome.

Personalization and Upgrade

We ensure that each part of a project is handled by a team member who has in-depth experience in that area and will customize accordingly to your commercial needs. Developing an app doesn’t stop from its launch. It is a continuous process of developing it with the latest trends that come your way. Your app will be built on a framework that can be scaled with ease and compatible with other frameworks. Hence it will always be in Sync.

Maintenance and support

To ensure that your app runs smoothly our team will ensure to monitor its progress and take care of server management, performance optimization, technology integration management, and data management from one server to the other and overhaul of the existing UI. If any shortcomings are found we will bridge the gaps in between them to have a productive result.

Why Vebudo ?

Our team consists of creative, unconventional designers who are a dedicated bunch of individuals who will bring your mobile app dream into a digital existence. We believe in transparency with our clients and providing them with the knowledge of the market and the latest trends and hurdles that may come our way. With the best interest at our hearts, we use a holistic approach while creating a bespoke App for your business where you can stand out amongst your competitors and also have a competent app in a financially efficient manner.