SEO Expert

Effective SEO brings forth Quality Leads

The world fathomlessly moves more and more into Digital reliance. Many turn to search engines for assistance to guide them through their daily questions. With over a billion online users on a daily basis, it is fundamental to have a high ranking on a search engine. This helps your brand visibility and also develops trust in your company when you have a strong online presence. A key component to enhance a company’s online existence is SEO which is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is equivalent to the DNA of a website. This method of optimization increases quality website traffic, whilst attracting the potential audience and boost the number of conversions via organic searches. A consistent and sturdy SEO campaign can be lucrative, with the specific keywords, search terms and link building processes Etc attracting your target audience to your website and boost your revenue. With an SEO expert by your side, you are able to ensure that your digital presence will stand out amongst your competitors and transcend your existence to the next level.

Why an SEO Expert?

In this digitalized world, online businesses acquire higher recognition in the industry. Therefore whether you are a start-up or an existing business it is a vital element you’re your business falls within the top ranking on the search engines which provides more visibility amongst your potential consumers. Thus, having an indestructible SEO game plan is fundamental for your company.

Rather than having an in-house SEO specialist hiring a virtual employee to assist you in this journey will be more productive and a financially efficient manner. An SEO specialist is an individual, who researches, analyzes the latest trends to create the best online strategies and implement them to develop and optimize your website whilst advancing your rankings in search engines. The aim is to increase the number of traffic to your website by using semantic keyword focuses and enhance the user experience. SEO involves various kinds of tools and methods an ordinary person well versed on the internet may still not be aware of. An expert in this field will have a comprehensive knowledge of the SEO industry and its dynamic formulas and ranking criteria. As the algorithm constantly changes the experienced expert you hire will be updated with the necessary approach that needs to be taken when strategizing your business plan. Therefore a well-trained SEO Specialist will prove to be more rewarding to your company than you ever anticipated.

Basic factors a SEO Specialist must be aware of

  • Why links are important
  • What can be done on-page to help a webpage rank
  • What can be done off-page to make a webpage rank
  • Why content marketing is critical to any online marketing push
  • How social media provides value
  • Whether Pay-Per-Click marketing is worth it
  • How to take advantage of emerging trends like video SEO

Benefits of Hiring a SEO Expert

Boost your brand awareness and visibility

There are over 100 billion searched on Google per month

No investment in SEO tools and knowledge

SEO will improve your website

95% of clicks are done the first page of search results

Outsourcing your SEO lets you focus on what you do best

SEO Services

Technical SEO

Analysis of a websites technical parameters that affect the visibility and ranking in search engines.

  • Code Efficiency
  • Mobile Response
  • Website Speed

On-page SEO

This deals with the optimization of visible page elements and how to create a user and search engine friendly website.

  • Page Title & Meta Description
  • Headings (Headers)
  • SEO for images
  • Page formatting

Off-page SEO

This is based on techniques that can be used to promote your website on the internet.

  • Link Building
  • Brand Promotion
  • Social Media

Local SEO

This is best suited for local business looking for customers to visit their store. This type of SEO is more recent than general organic search optimization.

Why Vebudo ?

Our team consists of creative, unconventional designers who are a dedicated bunch of individuals who will bring your mobile app dream into a digital existence. We believe in transparency with our clients and providing them with the knowledge of the market and the latest trends and hurdles that may come our way. With the best interest at our hearts, we use a holistic approach while creating a bespoke App for your business where you can stand out amongst your competitors and also have a competent app in a financially efficient manner.