Web Development

Your website will promote you 24/7 guaranteed, but your employees will not

Increasing visibility is one major factor that makes it important for any company to have a website. Even if people have heard of your company, they may want to do research online first, before they entertain the idea of leaving their comfortable home to buy your products or service. In order to catch the eye of your consumer, you need a fantastic web page to represent you. That’s where web development comes in.

Web development is the coding or programming which allows the functionality of the website according to the requirements you need. This also covers the non-design aspect of website construction, which involves coding and writing markups. Our talented web developers know anything and everything you need for the creation of your website. from the production of plain text websites to sophisticated web-based applications, social network applications, and applications for the electronic business you decide the necessity and we will provide the developers to execute it.

Our Web development team applicants are from all over the world, multi talented and loaded with experience.

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Who do you want in your team?

Requirement analyst

This specialist’s main task is to take your project vision on board, analyze it and translate it into comprehensive technical specifications. In turn, the web development team will use these specifications to set timescales in order to process and execute the project accordingly. In other words, the requirement analyst is preparing the layout for product development.

  • Recieve requirements
  • Analyze requirements
  • Establish technical documentations

Project manager

The project manager is like the coach if all the other members of the team are players. The first thing he/she does is to get to know the technical specifications and the due date. On the basis of this information, the project plan is drawn up and divided into stages also known as sprints (setting functionality for a set time period). The project manager then monitors the entire process of product development to ensure that each sprint is terminated on time.

  • Draws up your project plan
  • Control development project
  • Engage with your client
  • Coordinate important details with your client

UI/UX designer

Initially, a UI / UX designer analyzes the criteria of the project along with its target audience to see the full picture. Such an approach allows him/her to recognize the problems that users face and to overcome them efficiently by design. The designer creates a wireframe with that in mind which is a schematic placement of elements on the website. While UX is all about research and structure, visual appearance stands for UI. Color schemes, characters, icons, etc. In other words, the designer produces a prototype (your website’s final look) based on the UX level and checks its usability. The system may be a static or interactive one.

  • Research
  • Build wireframe
  • Create a prototype

Web developers

In the web development department, programmers play a crucial role. They turn your ready-made idea into a product that anyone on the internet can use to work.

Front-end developers

This is a developer who specializes in visual user interface programming including its aesthetics and layouts. The front-end developers, also know as client-side development mainly focuses on the practice of producing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for a Website or website application for direct interaction of the user.

Our front-end developers are extremely aware of the dynamic developing technologies and utilize the newest techniques associated with developing so bring the best outcome for you.It is very high-level work, typically far from the hardware. Our front-end developers understand the human-machine interaction and design principles that go beyond computer science theory. From fixing your cross-browser compatibility issues to tweaking details of the visual presentation of UI your remote developer has you covered

Vebudo’s front end developers are competent in


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